Republican Candidate Mike Conigliaro is running for office to serve as the voice of his community. Conigliaro is passionate about giving a voice to those who are living in fear and working to bring back safety into his community and New York as a whole.

In Albany, Conigliaro has plans to work with fellow assembly members to help repeal Bail Reform. Statistically, there has been an increase in crime throughout New York since the passing of Bail Reform. Conigliaro believes we are now living in a society where the criminals have taken over and he intends to put things back in order. He plans to work together across party lines to help get New York back on track.

Conigliaro is Pro Life. He serves as a board member of Bridge to Life, an organization that works with women considering abortion to provide information about options and other resources.

Outside of politics, Conigliaro is a lover of photography. His entire home decorated with photographs he has taken throughout his life. Recently, his daughter began a project combining his photography with her drawings, a collaboration we may just see one day displayed at an art gallery in Albany.

This profile appeared in the PoliticsNY