After City Education Council 24 voted to remove its president, Ferdielynn Lee, ahead of her term set to end in June, it held a special election on Tuesday for a new president, voting in Michael Conigliaro 8-1. The no vote came from Lee.

Conigliaro said he plans to “hit the reset button and do what we were elected to do.”

He spoke of working as “one unit” and creating a “well-oiled” machine.

“I look forward to rebuilding this CEC to great levels,” he said.

He plans to formulate an agenda to share his ideas and visions for the role.

Conigliaro was formerly the treasurer for CEC 24. Matt Crescio will take on that role and Henry Choi will continue as vice president.

Conigliaro recently ran in the City Council race for District 29 and spoke of expanding gifted and talented programs and keeping the SHSAT.

Queens Chronicle