Our top issues are to maintain law & order in our neighborhoods, to preserve our children’s educational opportunities, and to protect quality of life. Our current members do not seem too concerned with preserving our communities. This is the failure of a one-party city government. Rather, they are focused on recklessly defunding law enforcement, abolishing police from schools, and letting crime run rampant in our neighborhoods. The City Council is more concerned with pursuing their own radical agenda that is causing us to backslide into a time when criminals had more rights than working everyday-citizens.

Public Safety

The New York City Council is leading us down a bad path that will only get worse unless we fix this now. Crime is on the rise throughout the city and we cannot allow policy makers to let us backslide into a time when criminals had more rights than working everyday-citizens. This city does not need a defunded and demoralized NYPD. As a result of astronomical increases in crime, we need to restore safety in NYC and stand behind the NYPD by ensuring they are fully funded and empowered to do their jobs. We must reverse the failed bail reform legislation, restore the plainclothes anti-crime unit, and legally crack down hard on lawbreakers by once again implementing the broken windows theory of policing that worked for decades. Our fine officers need an advocate who will have their back in the city council, and I will be that person.


It is clear that the New York City economy is in the worst shape it has been in since the 1970s, Many small businesses have closed and many are heading down that unfortunate path with no relief in sight. COVID 19 has decimated our local economy and the terrible handling of it by our current elected officials has only made things worse. We need to insure that indoor dining remains open. Small businesses need tax breaks and the elimination of red tape regulations to get their businesses back on track.

No Neighorhood Jails

I am vehemently opposed to the jail in Kew Gardens, or in any local-residential neighborhood for that matter. Neighborhood residents did not want this jail from the start. Exiting City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz sold out her own constituents who do not want a jail where they raise their kids and care for their families. I put the question out to all the other candidates – do you agree with this sentiment or do you side with the current representative that sold everyone out?


District 29 is a hotbed for overdevelopment. The district is overpopulated, lacks adequate parking, and has enough traffic issues as it is. I have created a petition to halt the construction of a high-rise on Queens Boulevard that would wipe out a row of local stores, the Ohr Natan synagogue, formally the Trylon Movie Theatre, and the Tower Diner. We must strive to preserve our community and not let it fall into the hands of wealthy developers.The community must stay strong and have a strong voice for comprehensive rezoning and any new construction projects.

Taxes and Regulations

Taxes are reaching record levels and are hurting New York City residents and business owners. New Yorkers pay some of the highest taxes in the country, yet our Democratic-controlled City Council has demanded record level government spending. State and city property taxes, corporate taxes, red tape regulations, and the city’s new “hidden tax” collected by inappropriate speed cameras, all have to be reformed. Rising rates are becoming a burden and are the catalyst for people to further flee our city and state in record numbers.

Quality of Life

Every resident of District 29 deserves a good quality of life. No one wants to see graffiti at the local store, overgrown weeds, trash on the street, a concerning rise in crime, and a jail to be built Kew Gardens. I have co-founded to Reg I will put more trash cans on the street, I will make sure that our police are given the power to enforce the law and I will do everything in my power to stop this mayor and other local elected officials from putting a jail in Kew Gardens. Bike lanes and bus lanes take away valuable parking spaces and cause ridiculous traffic jams. As your Councilman, I will work to reduce the times the bus lanes are in effect and will put a stop to the creation of new bike lanes that are hardly being used.


As a CEC 24 Board Member, I support the Hecht-Calandra Act, which calls for a sole admission test (SHSAT) for the entrance to a Specialized High School. I agree and will fight to keep the SHSAT in place and have it be the sole admission criteria for admittance into a Specialized High School. We must preserve the gifted and talented program, honors classes, and advanced classes, eliminating these programs and classes would only hurt our students. I will fight to preserve these programs and classes.