Meet Mike Conigliaro

I am running for city council because there is a dire need to take our city back. Our opponents are pushing for radical policies that put our community at risk. Common sense is being thrown out the window at our peril, crime is skyrocketing on our streets and subways, small businesses are struggling, property taxes are reaching unaffordable highs, an unwanted community jail is soon set to open with no support, and now we face rapid overdevelopment through unwanted high-rises.


Change begins with supporting the NYPD, preserving the SHSAT and the Gifted & Talented Program, fighting the impending Jail in Kew Gardens, defending our quality of life, spearheading property tax reform, aiding small businesses decimated by COVID-19, and going to bat for the forgotten middle class. Together we can bring these common sense reforms to the city council and keep our neighborhoods thriving and safe. Now let’s go and take our city back.