The City Council is the law-making branch of New York City’s government. There are 51 members, with 47 seats having contested primaries this June.

What they do:

  • Introduce bills, hold hearings, and create new laws. In 2020, the City Council enacted 125 local laws.
  • Negotiate with the mayor and approve the City’s budget. The current FY2021 budget totals $88.2 billion.
  • Oversee New York City agencies and programs and hold their leaders accountable.
  • Serve for four years up to two consecutive terms. Council members elected in 2021 will serve a 2-year term. Following the 2020 census, City Council districts will be redrawn to adjust for changes in population. In 2023, the candidate will run for a 2-year term in the newly redrawn districts. In 2025, 4-year council terms will resume.